Human beings are social beings. They need each other. Since our short presence on this earth, humans have created moments to come together. They allow us to exchange and meet.  

These rituals, sometimes even sacred, have led us to celebrate different occasions which have become traditions.  

These moments are shared with friends and family; with people who matter. Often, this reunion is accompanied by what makes us feel good: drinking and eating.  

Wishing to participate in these important moments of life, the stones of Lithology help to enhance the experience of a tasting of scotch, whiskey and all other amber spirits. Our rocks contribute to these precious memories. And that makes us proud!  

Tested in all possible and imaginable conditions, we can promise you an optimal experience. Our stones will not affect the taste of your favorite brown alcohol.   At Lithologie, we have the desire to create an ecosystem, a community of partners. We believe in the synergy of local businesses that share the same values. With us, we choose collaborators who bet on sustainable and quality products.  

If you too want to leave a planet Earth where we can benefit from its beauty and heritage, write to us! We are always willing to develop new collaborations.


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