Stone Essential oil diffusers ( Ocean )

22.00 $

This diffuser is an essential oil diffuser that has been chosen on the field and then specifically cut to make them the prettiest possible. the come in small mountain lookalike shape as it provide the best surface to ratio***.

their unique mineralistion and multiple face make them great to diffuse your favorite essential oil in most natural effective way by augmenting surface of contact with air 

is an anciant onceanique flooring of a long gone ocean that has been uplifted onto the continent 600 M yo ago ** its show a unique sky blue with green apple green mineral out of the metamorphic process when it got squeeze onto the continent.

is a state of the art unique piece of volcaniq rock that show a very unique colorisation of borro-sillacte name ferro-actinote. The clear pink to deep purple coloristion is yet of unknow origin have recuted the greenish volcanic rock along with quartz while it was subit** matamorphic process that also added hairish green silver sepentine and dark metamorphic mineral to make a truly unique sight. This product is limited and the number of possible item is estimated to be around 1000. Don't lose your chance to make a truly unique gift.

is a unusual gabbro that reflect slow cristallion from the deep of magma chamber in the entrail of the earth. they had time to become this very snowflake like pattern mineralisation while sitting in a dark glassy body.

they come with 2 100% natural sustainable wood coaster. contraly to normal diffusser they have great properties to absorb excess of oil and then make great amplifier for a selected essence over time.

the black cosster are a result of a home made unique process.



If you buy a small, you may occasionnaly get a medium one,never the other way around.  if you buy a medium you may occasionnaly receive a large one,never the way around.

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