Whisky Stones - Dark Granulite (6)
This whisky stone set contain 6 stones with walnut display with 940 million year old stones from the region of St-Élie-de-Caxton, Qc, Canada. This stone comes from the time of earth when the American continent was formed. This stone is characteristic of a...
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Whisky Stones - Gabbro (6)
This whisky stone set contain 6 stones with walnut display with 2.5 billion years stones from the region of Chibougamau, Qc, Canada. This stone is one of the oldest Gabbro on earth from the Canadian Shield. This stone is marked with small black and white dots of...
57.00 $
Salted caramel whisky
Hints of toasted cream, a light touch of salt, with the smooth finish of Canadian whisky. To match perfectly with bites covered with goat cheese, pear, apple, crostini, cheddar and many more. For a more sweety happy hour drizzle on...
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Smoked Maple Sirup with maple wood
Masson is a product of the MilleBois company from the Compton region in the Eastern Townships. This classic maple syrup is infused with maple wood smoke for long hours. We obtain a syrup with an unequivocal smoked character, balsamic flavors...
25.50 $
Limited Edition: Dark milk chocolate with Cirka whisky infused nibs
This chocolate bar is born from a collaboration between Cirka Distilleries and Avanaa. They produce all sorts of amazing whiskeys, gins and more. Avanaa choose their 55% dark milk to mix with these unique infused nibs to give a great...
11.00 $
Set of (4) coasters in walnut
Set of (4) coasters made out of walnut with a food grade oil protection. Perfect for an evening of whisky tasting with friends! Dimensions : 3-1 / 2 '' in diameter with engraving on each coaster. Origin of the wood: America Colour: Chocolate brown  ...
32.00 $
Bourbon Maple Sirup
Masson is a product of the MilleBois company from the Compton region in the Eastern Townships. This maple syrup is made out of maple wood and oak. Millebois has selected their most expressive maple syrup to let it sit for several months...
25.50 $
Bar spoon
17.50 $
Bar spoon
The flat bar spoon, made of stainless steel is an essential cocktail accessory. Its flat end helps to perfectly balance this aesthetic spoon while stirring your drink. The spoon was made in Quebec and design by Quebecers designers. This product...
17.50 $
Aromatic bitter Saecularis
Versatile and timeless, our Saecularis bitters reveal intense aromas - think gingerbread, orange and wood bark. Inspired by classics, they blend marvelously with most spirits. An essential addition to your bar. 100ml, 46% abv.
24.95 $
Aromatic bitter Febris
Febris is an aromatic bitters infused with high-quality coffee beans. Its coffee, molasses, black pepper and dried fruit notes are stimulating and comforting. This multi-purpose bitters has a definite crush on darker spirits. 100ml, 46% abv.
24.95 $
SOUK Edition of Whisky Stones set - Dark Granulite (4) with black oak wood tray
Please note that there will be only 30 units of this product available.This whisky stone set contain 4 stones with a limited edition black oak display with 940 millions year old stones from the region of St-Elie-de-Caxton, Qc, Canada. This stone comes from the time of...
55.00 $
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